Meera Teresa Gandhi is the daughter of an Irish mother, Ellen Mary, and an Indian father, Admiral Perbodh Nath Agarwal. She grew up in India, England and Ireland and was educated in India, Canada and the United States, where she received her MBA. In 2007, Ms. Gandhi completed the Executive Education Program from the Harvard Business School.

From a very young age, Ms. Gandhi was interested in helping those in need. That commitment has stayed, and she has devoted her life to working for the betterment of abused and hungry children, widows, the sick, and the deaf and blind. Transformational education, as the stepping stone to success, is of particular interest to her. As Kerry Kennedy has remarked, “Meera Gandhi is one of those remarkable women whom the angels must have sent to teach us a lesson on how to conduct a fruitful life.”

In 2010, Ms. Gandhi founded The Giving Back Foundation®, of which she is, and continues to be the CEO. Her passion for her work ensures she stays actively involved in the foundation’s day-to-day operations, monitoring the progress of on-site grassroots projects, and in making decisions on the disbursement of grants.

“Different people have different needs, and it isn’t about those who have materially less. Reaching out to make any life healthier, happier and more joyful is far more important.”, says Meera Gandhi.

Ms. Gandhi has three children; two daughters and a son.