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‘Giving’ is the new fragrance developed for ‘The Giving Back Foundation’ by Meera Gandhi. Created over many months with an exceptional fragrance team in France, the sole intent of the fragrance is to exude the scent of strength, courage and femininity.


The fragrance forms the perfect accord between the French heliotrope, or the French Sunflower, which adds a comforting mellowness to the deep and jasmine absolute, Namibian myrrh oil, South American tonka beans, Mysore sandalwood and Réunion’s vanilla bourbon. The heliotrope becomes the comforting billowy background to the fragrance.


The proceeds from the sales of both the candle and the fragrance go back to ‘The Giving Foundation’ and help empower women and children across the globe.

"Giving" The Fragrance By Meera Gandhi

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